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NOTICE: Our WHMCS Addons are discontinued and not supported anymore.
Most of the addons are now released for free in github -
You can download them from GitHub and conribute your changes ! :)

WHMCS Tickets Tasks :: Installation

First, you will need to login to your client area and download a copy of “WHMCS Tickets Tasks“.
From the client’s area left “Services” click “My Services“.
Open the “View Details” box by click the arrow on the right, and click “Downloads“, in the following screen click the “Download” link.

tasks guide 01

Once downloaded, upload the file to your WHMCS Addon modules folder, and unzip the file.

Full path after unzip: “modules/addons/ticketstasks“.
* Remove the uploaded zip file.

* If you are uploading the files as root user, don’t forget to change owner & permissions *

Login to your WHMCS as admin user, and navigate to “Setup” -> “Addon modules“.


Find the “Tickets Tasks” module, and activate it –

tasks guide 02

You will receive a confirmation message –

jsm install 03

Now go back to “Tickets Tasks“, click “Configure” to add your license key.

tasks guide 03

Set access control, Save your changes and your module is all set.

Final step will be to setup a cron job for activating the tasks. We recommend using 10 minutes intervals.

The cron file is protected with a token, you will be able to get it throught theĀ  module’s configuration tab:
WHMCS Admin Top Menu” -> “Addons” -> “Tickets Tasks“.

Example usage for a cron using server’s internal php –

*/10 * * * * php -q /home/username/public_html/modules/addons/ticketstasks/cron.php TOKEN45634AH

Example usage for a cron using GET –

*/10 * * * * GET http://www.example-domain.loc/modules/addons/ticketstasks/cron.php?token=TOKEN45634AH

*In some systems when using the server’s internal php, it will not get the token. In such cases you will have to use the GET method.