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NOTICE: Our WHMCS Addons are discontinued and not supported anymore.
Most of the addons are now released for free in github -
You can download them from GitHub and conribute your changes ! :)

WHMCS Reply Above This Line :: Installation

Step one – download the hook.

First, you will need to login to your client area and download your copy of “WHMCS Reply Above This Line“.

From the client’s area left menu click “Services” -> “My Services“. Open the “View Details” box by click the arrow on the right, and click “Downloads“, in the following screen click the “Download” link.

Unzip the file, and upload it to your WHMCS hooks folder (“includes/hooks“).

Step two – Set your string

Our default string is “*** Reply above this line ***“, you can change that by editing the code under the settings section –

 Reply Above This Line Settings
function serverReplyAboveThisLine_settings()
	return array(
		'breakrow' 	=> "*** Reply above this line ***",

* This creates a smarty tag – {$breakrow} that returns the defined value (*** Reply above this line***).
You will be able to use this smarty tag in the email tempaltes.

Step three – Add our string to your email templates.

Use WHMCS Email template editor and add our smarty tag – {$breakrow} to the first line of the email tempalate (this should come first, before everything).

A “Support ticket reply” template for example, should look like this –



Ticket ID: #{$ticket_id}
Subject: {$ticket_subject}
Status: {$ticket_status}
Ticket URL: {$ticket_link}

That’s all !