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NOTICE: Our WHMCS Addons are discontinued and not supported anymore.
Most of the addons are now released for free in github -
You can download them from GitHub and conribute your changes ! :)

WHMCS Order Notes To Ticket :: About

This WHMCS hook will open a support ticket whenever a note is added to the order.

With this hook you can forget about accepting an order without reading the client’s notes !

Once an order is placed, the hook will retrieve the order notes content, open a ticket to your staff so they will be able to take action. Ticket is automatically assigned to the user’s account for future reference.

✔ You can set any ticket subject.
✔ You can set a pre-message prior to the note for your staff.
✔ You can set the ticket priority.
✔ You can set the ticket department.
✔ You can choose if you want to send email to the client for the ticket.

note to ticket