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NOTICE: Our WHMCS Addons are discontinued and not supported anymore.
Most of the addons are now released for free in github -
You can download them from GitHub and conribute your changes ! :)

WHMCS Invoice4U :: Template integration

Your users can download Invoice4U invoices directly from their client area invoice page.
For doing so, You will need to edit the following file –


You will need to add an empty “<th>” cell, and a new “<td>” cell with our content to the table that shows WHMCS’s invoices –

Html Code is as follows –

{if $invoices_enabled}
[ ... ]
{if $invoices_enabled}
<td class="textcenter">
{if $invoice.documents}
{foreach from=$invoice.documents key=type item=document}
<a href="/{$document.url}" class="btn">{$}</a>

Since WHMCS has it’s own internal invoicing system, It is also recommended to change the language file and replace “invoice” with “order”, so that invoices will be referred to the invoice4u system, and WHMCS’s will be treated as “order details”.

You can download the following example for an override language file –

WHMCS Invoice4U Language override


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