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NOTICE: Our WHMCS Addons are discontinued and not supported anymore.
Most of the addons are now released for free in github -
You can download them from GitHub and conribute your changes ! :)

Monitoring Plugins :: Vmware plugin

vmware monitoring pluginVMware monitoring plugin is used to monitor, alert and react when a server is down.
The plugin is written according to VMware’s SOAP API and can Power ON, Power OFF & Reboot servers.In order to get started, we will first need to add hosts. By “hosts” we mean a physical server that runs ESXi and runs guest machines. From the plugins menu, click “Manage Hosts” button –

2012-11-25 143855

Fill in all the required data, and click “save” to add hosts. Here is a brief explanation about required settings on that page –

2012-11-25 151342

Name A nickname for that server. It’s for your internal use and convenience only, no other usage.
IP Ip that our plugin will connect to. It should be the VMKernel Management IP address.
Port Change the port number in case you are using non standart vmware ports.

Default: 0 (will ignore this settings)

Connection Type  SOAP only.
Username  User name that our plugin will connect with.
Password  Password that our plugin will connect with.
Alive URL URL to check if the host is alive. We will always check that url before we execute commands

to that host. It should be the VMKernel Management IP address.

Delete  Tick this box and save the page if you want to remove host

After our host is set, we can manage actions (what to do when a server is down) for each hosts. From the plugins menu click “Manage actions” button –

2012-11-25 143943

In the next screen, you can set actions like email alerts and server reboots.

Our recommended settings are as follows –

  • Open WHMCS Support Ticket after 5 minutes of failure.
  • Reboot Server after 10 Minutes of failure.
  • Send Email alert (linked to SMS Gateway) after 15 minutes of failure (In case server didn’t came back from reboot).


vmware plugin actions page

Now that the plugin is set and configured, you can link servers to that host.