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NOTICE: Our WHMCS Addons are discontinued and not supported anymore.
Most of the addons are now released for free in github -
You can download them from GitHub and conribute your changes ! :)

Monitoring Plugins :: Linking host to plugin

If you have at least one plugin active and configured, you can start adding hosts to that plugin.
Once a host is linked to a plugin, the plugin actions will be trigered if the host is dead.

From the “Monitoring” Tab, choose your server, and click the “Unmonitored” Button in order to activate monitoring on that host –

2012-11-25 222146

Now the host is active, but actions will be suspended since there is no plugin selected.

Click on the “Configure” button in order to choose plugin –

2012-11-25 222532

The page will expand, and you will be able to configure name, status URL and select plugin.
The name is for your internal use and convenience only.
The status URL is the url used to check if that host is dead or alive.

2012-11-25 222834