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NOTICE: Our WHMCS Addons are discontinued and not supported anymore.
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Monitoring Module :: Settings Page


The settings page will let you configure default connection settings, and display cron job information.

Cron jobs

The cron jobs are probebly the most important part of the monitoring module.
Without them, the module will not be able to get server status and to update statistics.

There are two cron files –

cron.php – Used to monitor the servers (we are using php CURL).
reports.php – proccess the data for the reports.

In order to secure the cron jobs, each module installation will produce a uniqe token (will be displayed in the settings page), the cron must be accessed using that token, unless it won’t work.

You can always generate a new token using the “Refresh Token” link at the bottom of the settings page. If you do so, you must also apply the changes at the cron task in your server.

Settings page explained

CURL timeoutĀ  The time in seconds we will try to connect to a host before we decide it is dead.

Default: 5

False positive Module will report a server down only after the false positive limit reached.

If we checked the server for 3 times, and on all 3 times the server was dead. The monitoring module will report the server as dead only at the second server check (assuming it was set to 1, the first check is false positive).

Default: 1

HTTP Responses Last X http server response to display at the server monitoring page.

Default: 5

Records Per Page How many servers to display at theĀ  server monitoring page.

Default: 15

Auto refresh Auto refresh the monitoring page after XX seconds.

Default: 60

Alive urls In some cases, the host that runs the monitoring module itself will encounter a communication problem, and will be down itself.

The monitoring module will first check the “alive urls” to know if it has communication to the world before he continues to check the servers. If there is no response from both alive urls, all monitoring actions will be suspended. Set these values if you don’t want to trigger false positive alarms.

* It is recommened to use urls outside the DC.