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NOTICE: For documentation on JetBackup version 3.3 and greater please visit:


JetBackup will register your license once you activate it. The license will register your server IP. If you migrate/replace the server, you will need to reissue the license through our client’s area.

Login to our clients area, from the top menu navigate to “Services” -> “My Services“, and choose JetBackup (click the “View Details” button).

Under “Management Actions“, click on “Reissue License“.

Now all you need to do is to access the JetBackup through the GUI, and the license will be reissued using the new server details.

2013-01-04 094500

To force JetBackup validate your license against our licensing servers please execute the following command from your server’s CLI as root user –

Version 3.1 and Earlier:

jetcli backup -vR license

Version 3.2 and Later:

jetcli backup --license