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JETCLI :: List Accounts from command line

To list all accounts on the server from the command line tool, type the following command –

jetcli backup -P backupmanager::listaccounts

Example output –

root@cpanel-dev [~]# jetcli backup -P backupmanager::listaccounts
Domain                Account           Disk-Usage  File-Usage-(Inodes)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------      forcerestore      840-KB      114               freedoma          1.18-MB     87                     hooks12           1.64-MB     225         jetbackupmanager  66.32-MB    2905                multissl          1.87-MB     378                     ofir              98.14-MB    4387               
whmcs-devel.loc       whmcsdev          474-MB      19828              ftpdomain         1.41-MB     152