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JETCLI :: Show help screen

Command –

jetcli backup --help

Output –

root@example [~]# jetcli backup help
Command Line Interface for JetBackup
Copyright (C) 2012-2016 by JetApps (created by Idan Ben Ezra).
Web site:

  jetcli backup [options -f] -P  [-U ] [-A  [-I ]]
  jetcli backup [options -vfg] -R  [-U  ] [-I ]

 -v, --verbose                          increase verbosity
 -f, --force                            no action prompt and force commands
 -g, --flag                             flag clearcache
 -P, --page                       The page you want to access. example -P backupmanager::jobs or --page backupmanager::jobs
 -V, --view                       The page view you want to access (for view or edit). example --view manage or -V manage
 -A, --action                   The action you want to perform on the selected page. example -A runnow or --action runnow
 -I, --id                           The item ID to perform the action you provided if needed. example -I 17 or --id 17
 -R, --run                     The command you want to execute. example -R jobs or --run jobs
 -U, --username               The account you want to execute the command. example -U myaccount or --username myaccount
 -D, --data                       The data you want to pass to the selected page and view. example --data "{\"key\":\"value\"}" or -D "{\"key\":\"value\"}"
     -j                                 Use this flag if you want to get the response output in a JSON format
     --version                          prints the JetBackup version
     --help                             show this help