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Installation – Can’t bypass step 2 (Database Installation)

JBM installation will automatically create database & user, assuming that you have a “root/.my.cnf” file containing a correct mysql root password. In most cases you will only need to click the “next” button and the installation procedure will finish.

If for some reason, the “root/.my.cnf” file doesn’t exists, you will have to create a database and a privileged user for that database. This can be done either from cPanel’s phpmyadmin (as root user), or from the command line shell.

Here is a shell script example for creating a user & database –

mysql -u root -p -e "create database jbm_db DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;"
mysql -u root -p -e "grant all privileges on jbm_db.* to jbm_user IDENTIFIED BY 'passoword123' ;"   

In this example, these are the credentials used –

user: jbm_user
database: jbm_db
password: password123

Copy & paste this script as root user to your shell command line.
For each command line, You will be asked by mysql for the root password, so please provide it.

DO NOT USE THE PASSWORD FROM THIS EXAMPLE ! Make sure to use strong password ! (preferably from a password generator)