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What does Incremental Backup mean?

Incremental backups will copy only files that have changed or are new since the last full backup.

If you activated “backup rotation” – JetBackup will create “point-in-time” incremental backups, in which it will use as little space as possible (using hardlinks). So a 30 day backup rotation, of a 2GB cPanel account, will only consume 2GB + 30 Days of new / changed files (** At the moment, mysql is fully gzipped & dumped, as it doesn’t support incremental backups).

For best performance it is recommended to use a server that is dedicated only to backups, and not a web server that also holds your backups or use a separate HD device for backups if your backups are local.

The incremental backup feature with Amazon backup destination is limited to your backup rotation. For example, if we set a 7 day backup rotation, backups will be copied in full 7 times for each backup rotation. Once you’ve reached the 7th backup rotation day, you will start over again from the 1st, this time it will be incrementally, backing up only changes made in the last 6 days, and so on..