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What does “Disaster Recovery” mean?

The “Disaster Recovery” mode was created to restore a full server from disaster.

If you experienced a server crash, and would like to restore all accounts from backup, you will need to follow these steps –

  1. Disable orphan backup deletion – JetBackup -> Settings -> General Settings, set “Days to keep orphan backups” to 0.
  2. Create a new backup destination – point it exactly as it was in the old server (so your server will be able to read and index the backups).
  3. For the newly created destination, Under “Choose indexing type” tick the “incremental” and “others”.
  4. Create a new “indexing only” job, point it to the newly created backup destination. Make sure to properly configure the backups folder location (‘remote folder on destination’).
  5. Clear the indexing cache – This will re-index all all backups. Type the following command from the server’s CLI – “jetcli backup -vfR clearcache”
  6. Navigate to “Restore Manager”: JetBackup -> Disaster Recovery”. All your accounts will be listed as “Orphaned” Backups, choose the accounts you would like to restore and add them to the restore queue.

Once finished, you can set back the orphan backup deletion  – JetBackup -> Settings -> General Settings, set “Days to keep orphan backups”. Default is 7 days.