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DropBox cPanel Backup Destination

JBM supports remote DropBox cloud backups.

Using thie backup destination for accounts with large amount of files is not recommended. Due to DropBox API limitations, there is too much overhead for each file, which makes file transfers very slow.

We recommend using this for full compressed backups only.

Supported features –

  • Cpanel account backups – Copy the entires cPanel account (same as “/scripts/pkgacct”).
  • Generic files / folders – Copy any files / folder on the server (not related to cPanel accounts).
  • “Point-In-Time” Space Consuming incremental backups – NOT SUPPORTED IN THIS DESTINATION.

Example configuration page for the destination –

DropBox cPanel Backup

DropBox cPanel Backup

Destination Name

A generic name for your internal ease of use, so it will be easier to recognize the backup destination roll, in case you have more then one.

Choose Backup Engine

JBM Will need to index and read files from this destination. Since each backup engine has it’s own file structure, we will need to know what we are looking for in the destination when we are indexing.

Backups this destination is going to contain

As continues to the backup engine, it will be easier if you can specify what file types are going to be stored there. If for example you are only going to store full account compressed tar.gz files, there is no need for JBM to look for extra backups, and incremental backups – so the indexing will run faster, with less IO.

Download onTheFly limit.

Not supported on DropBox destination.