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Create paid or free services for your clients

With Jetbackup & WHMCS Automation, you can easily start selling backup space to your users.
In the following example, we created a backup product with the following specs –

1. All users are getting free backups as long as their cPanel account size is below 5GB
2. If an account is over 5GB, he will be removed from the backup rotation.
3. Users who reached the 5GB limit, can order a paid service and they will pay for the relative part.

First thing to do, is to setup the limits in JBM –

WHM -> Jetbackup -> Settings -> Backup Rotation Settings

JBM Backup Rotation settings

Inside the backup job settings, we will choose the “Backup rotation” option for accounts to backup.

WHM -> Jetbackup -> Backup jobs -> Edit your job

jetbackup job edit backup roation

We will now make sure, our backup job is linked to JBM internal billing system, and the it’s enabled –

WHM -> Jetbackup -> Settings -> Billing settings

jetbackup billing settings

Jetbackup is configured *not* to backup accounts over 5GB of backup space. And since the billing is enabled, we can setup a product in WHMCS module.

WHMCS -> Addons -> Jetbackup module -> Services -> Create a new service

jetbackup whmcs module create new service

Service properties – Assign service to hosting plans & choose pricing teirs

service properties

Last, and most important in the API Notification key. Your cPanel servers will report back to your WHMCS module after each backup run, so you have to make sure the API notification is configured.

WHM -> Jetbackup -> Settings -> General settings

API Notification settings

The API Key and full notification url can be retrieved from your WHMCS Module settings page –

jetbackup whmcs notification url