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Backup generic files and server config files

Besides cPanel accounts backup, JBM can also backup generic files & folders on the server. This is very useful if you want to backup important files and server config files that not directly related to cPanel accounts.In the following example, we created a job that will backup mostly important backup folders on a cPanel server. The job is so to be executed right after the full accounts backup job finishes.

Backup generic files and server config files

Backup generic files and server config files

We choose the “Directory incremental” backup type, so we can have a 2 days backup retention of these files. A “replicate” type will also work, but it will run over the files on the destination backup server every time the job is executed.

Files / Folders we backup –


You can copy & paste this list and use it for your own backup jobs.
Note that “/var/lib/mysql” folder will backup the entire mysql directory. This will backup the mysql folder “as is”, without proper mysql dumps. This backup type should be used only to recover from disaster, when the mysql dumps are not useful.