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Backup destinations overview

Here you can find a brief overview about our supported backup destination types.


Destination Name
Incremental Full Backup Un/Compressed Full Backup Singe file Resotre/Download Generic server files backup
Amazon S3 !
Google Drive

! Due to technical limitation, incremental backups will be created only after reaching the backup rotation limits. For a 7 days backup rotation we will keep 7 different full backups and then start pushing incremental changes.

  • Cpanel account backups – Copy the entires cPanel account (same as “/scripts/pkgacct”)
  • Generic files / folders – Copy any files / folder on the server (not related to cPanel accounts).
  • Incremental backups – Copy only files that have changed or are new since the last full incremental backup.
  • “Point-In-Time” Space Consuming incremental backups – If you activated “backup rotation” – JBM will create a “point-in-time incremental backups”, in which will use as little space as possible (using hardlinks). So a 30 days backup rotation, of a 2GB cPanel account, will only consume 2GB + 30 Days of new / changed files (** At the moment, mysql is fully gzipped & dumpped, as it doesn’t support incremental backups).