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Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

JetBackup supports BackBlaze B2 cloud storage as a backup destination. This is only supported in JetBackup 3.2+ versions and as for now only tar.gz compressed accounts are supported (incremental not yet implemented).

  1. Sign up/in with your account

2. Get your Account ID & Application Key: Click on “Bucket”, then “Show Account ID and Application Key”

3. Click on “Create application key”. Note that when you create new application key, the old one will no longer work

4. Once you have your application key & account id, click on “create a bucket”

5. Give your bucket a name, and choose “private”

Now that we have all needed information from BackBlaze, we can create a new backup destination in JetBackup. Go to Destinations -> Add new destination.

Name your destination and fill in your AccountID, Applictation key & bucket name

You are done ! You can now proceed to create a backup job and assign the job to backblaze.