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Backup job runs forever

There are some very rare cases in which backup job will run “forever”. The job will appear as running at the GUI, however will not be responding in anyway at the actual system (the process is a zombie). To get notified for such cases, it is advised to turn on the “Backup job monitor”, under the job settings –

Set the desired period you want under “Notify me if job process runs more then X Days”. If the average time of your backup job is less the 10 hours, then setting this to “1” is reasonable.

There is a known issue with CloudLinux 6 servers, when using JetBackup’s default rsync (/etc/jetapps/3rdparty/rsync/bin/rsync). We’ve this scenario more often under this environment. Currently, as a workaround it is recommended to use the native rsync.  To do so, navigate to Settings -> Binary location settings and change the default path to rsync. Note that editing this page is disabled for security reasons. Enable editing can be done via editing the file /usr/local/jetapps/etc/jetbackup/ and setting the option RESTRICT_UI_ITEM to “false”.